Excalibur Scroll Saw

Excalibur Scroll Saw – Perfect Fit for the Woodworking Enthusiast

If you are looking for a scroll saw which will add versatility to your workshop set up, then the Excalibur 16 inch scroll saw is a perfect fit. It has a wide range of capabilities allowing you to give flight to your imagination. No matter whether you are interested in scrolling, toy-making, intarsia or even woodworking, this is a great machine to have.

What makes the Excalibur so popular?

The good thing about this saw is that it works equally well for an amateur as well as professional. It comes in sizes of 16”, 21”, and 30” giving the user flexibility and ease of use.

One of its most unique benefits is the tilting head which provides you with an extremely stable base irrespective of whether you are cutting straight or angular. The upper arm houses the head which tilts a 45 degree angle giving you better control over the piece you are working on. This level of accuracy is not really possible when you are tilting a table. This feature ensures that you have precision cuts defining your work.

This machine has a unique drive system allowing you to make the best use of it. Blade clamps are finger-operable thus allowing you to make quick changes without any extra tools.

All of the tension and speed control are within easy access making operation rather easy to manage. The machine also goes a step forward and helps you in being organized. The Excalibur has blade storage incorporated into the base so that everything you need is at your arm’s reach. The dust blower is powerful and ensures that all your lines are clean at all times. Its placement onboard the table allows easy accessibility and use anytime during your work.

To get the best out of this product it is recommended that you use it on the supplied stand. Assemble the stand on a level and strong floor and once done, you can be sure that the machine will not give out any vibration, even when it is in full throttle. Set the upper arm parallel to the table and this will be the most comfortable position to tune the blades from.

Professional scrollers who spend over 12 hours at their machines will do well to invest in an Excalibur since the motor is designed to take long hours. It works on a belt driven mechanism giving it the ability to handle the strain.

Axminster Tools & Machinery posted a great demonstration of the Excalibur EX-16 in the video below. They have some awesome content on their site by the way. Go check it out – especially those of you who are brand new.

Pricing, what you get and where to buy

Entry level machines are primarily for external cutting and make use of pinned blades. These start at a price of around $750. The range goes up to include more complex machines that help you with intricate work and use pin-less blades, with the price ranging up to $950. An Excalibur scroll saw will come with a table mount, a dust blower and in some models with a work light as well.

As of right now, you can Find it on Amazon. I’ll keep you posted if I see any deals. By the way, it comes with the stand and the foot switch. It’s a good deal. But if that’s still a tad bit out of your price range, be sure to check other options.

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