Delta Scroll Saw 40-694

When you are in the market for a scroll saw, you will find that there are three categories to look through – low-end or the beginners section, the mid-range or the semi-professional range and finally the high-end professional range. Within each of these categories are a range of products that vary in terms of quality. Being able to understand your own expectations from your equipment and the kind of work you plan to do with it will help you in making the right choice.

Why Do Woodworkers Love Delta Power Tools 40-694 20-Inch Saw?

This is one of the only scroll saws in the beginner’s category that comes with electronically manipulated speeds. For someone getting the feel of what it is like to work with a scroll saw, this would be the ideal way to test the waters as it gives you the ability to adjust your speed when you are working.

The accompanying table that is provided to mount the equipment on tilts to both, the left and right sets this machine apart from the competition. The benefit of this feature is the ability to maneuver your project in any direction that you feel necessary. This kind of flexibility is excellent for a newcomer who wants to better understand his machine.

Scrolling is not always about working with wood. For instance, if you want to practice with other materials, this particular saw works great with plastic as well. Since this is a pinless blade version, the blades are designed to be really sharp to handle a range of materials. The blades may also be interchanged within a few seconds with no additional hardware being required at all. The change can be done with the quick change clamps that are provided with the kit.

The table is the highlight of this kit. It may seem large but this is only beneficial. It perfectly positions the machine in a square format in relation to the blade. When you begin working on it, you will find that there is no vibration at all and the machine is silent. The tensioning mechanism has been placed in an easy-to-access spot.

These Delta branded scroll saws are designed to work long hours and have a track record of helping wrap up projects much quicker than anticipated. You may use spiral saw blades for curvy cuts which is a specialty with this machine. The cutting operation too is the smoothest compared to similar machines in the category. The hold down mechanism of the machine is user-friendly.

delta scroll sawThe length of the machine is perfect and the work light provided illuminates a good radius without throwing any shadows. The adjustable air blower helps in maintaining neat lines all through your work.

What Comes with Delta 40-694 20-inch Scroll Saw?

The saw is compact and comes with electronic variable speed adjustments that may be made up to you. The set includes the saw, a stand as well as a work light and a dust blower. You also get an oversized table measuring 16”X24”. This is flexible and turns both left and right. The price range varies slightly depending on the model and accessories that you pick up.

The ease of operation and the flexibility of the machine in terms of movement is what make this a great investment for those looking for a beginner model.


A gentleman by the name of Eg Waggoner, Sr. has a great video below assembling the Delta 40-694 right out of the box below. Go check out his channel, he has some other cool videos as well.

If the Delta 40-694 20-Inc scroll saw doesn’t work for you, another great option would be the Dewalt DW788 or the Excalibur EX-16.

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