Hawk BM 20 and 26 Review

Hawk BM-20

Bushton Manufacturing is promoting its two new Hawk Precision Scroll Saws—the BM-20 and BM-26. Both saws are relatively expensive compared to most on ScrollSawReviews.com; but this model offers some features that truly make the Hawk Precision Scroll Saw a considerable upgrade for “scrollers” looking for a saw that has:

  • Easier blade changing
  • Longer lasting motor
  • Wider stroke range
  • A broader range of materials it can cut!

The main difference between the two Hawk models is the throat capacity—20” and 26”, respectively. But let’s take a closer look at the features and capabilities of the Hawk BM Scroll Saw from Bushton.


The BM-20 model runs a “hefty” four figure price. The BM-26 model costs slightly more. This is 3x to 4x more expensive than low- to mid-range scroll saw, which puts it in the high-range of scrolls

What are you using it for?

The BM-20 and BM-26 can cut an impressive array of materials including: soft and hard woods, plywood veneer, melamine, glass, ceramic tile, stone, plastic, organic materials (horns, antlers, bone) and both precious and non-precious metals (aluminum, copper, brass, silver, gold). With less expensive saws, you won’t find a saw capable of cutting so many materials.

Thickness of the cut

The thickness of the cut is a huge plus—an extra 5/8”, totaling a 2 5/8” capacity. This applies to all materials on the above list.

Throat Length

The throat length varies for both models, as the names indicate—20” and 26”, respectively. This is also an upgrade from most mid-level scroll saws that average about 16”.


The safety mechanism on the saw is a key upgrade from low and mid-range scrolls. The Hawk utilizes a safety spring and stop that will shut down the machine in the event of a blade break during operation.

Table Top Tilt

What really makes this price competitive is that it can cut basically anything, can cut thicker materials, has both left and right tilt (up to 45 degrees), and changing blades is rarely this easy.

The option to tilt the table in both directions opens up a whole new range of projects while scrolling. Instead of having to stop and reset for cuts—or rearrange your cut order to accommodate the limitation—the Hawk (20 and 26) lets you stay put while the saw does the work.

Dust Blower

Although the saw lacks a dust port for attachment to shop vacuums, it does come equipped with a flex bellows and Loc-Line design for keeping the cutting area clean so you can see the work as you’re doing it.


It’s a heavier saw. The weight of the BM-20 comes in at 93 lbs. The BM-26 is a little heavier at 97 lbs. This is about twice as heavy as the less expensive models; but the upside is that a heavier saw always means less vibration. (More on vibration later.)


In terms of longevity, customer reviews and the manufacturer brag about the durability of the BM models. However, in case of a malfunction, there is a Manufacturer’s Warranty for 1 year including all parts and labor.

Blade Tension

The saw uses front and rear cam over design that allows the blade(s) to be released quickly and set precisely, and improves blade tension. The front cam over design will make your inside cuts much easier.

Pin-end vs Plain-end Blades

Whereas other saws offer both pin-end and plain-end blades, the Hawk only accepts 5” pinless blades. Changing the blade is much easier here though.

Other Distinct Features

On the product’s site, the company boasts that the saw has been “engineered to run quietly and limit vibration.”

The steel legs and “heavy-duty” base deliver a more stable cut and increased durability. The adjustable nose also creates a more advantageous cut and more options. The upper arm is 38% lighter. The lower arm is 34% lighter; and the Pitman arm connecting the motor to the lower arm is 78% lighter.

Don’t worry about these weight reductions. The steel legs, heavy base and the integration of the motor and motor bearing block add the necessary weight and stability for smooth cuts. The flywheel has been replaced by a counter-weight to add to the scroller’s precision.

Blade Changing

You can feed the blade from the top or bottom, and “quick change blade holders” allow you to change blades with less work, and no tools. Both the top and bottom blade holders quickly clip into place.


The manufacturer gave special attention to reducing vibration—adding a motor bearing block, a 10 gauge steel legs and a cast aluminum table.


Perhaps one of the most obvious upgrades is the strokes per minute. Saws on the lower end of the price range average around 400-1600 spm. Both the BM-20 and BM-26 give you a wider range on both the low and high sides at 100-1750 spm. Don’t be surprised to hear the manufacturer suggest that users will need to sand their pieces less. (No customer reviews comment on this.)

Type of Motor

The TENV (Totally Enclosed, Not Ventilated) DC motor keeps dust out, and prevents stalling and over-heating.


On the product’s site, the company boasts that the saw has been “engineered to run quietly and limit vibration.”

Table Size

The table is about average for scroll saws with a 13.5” diameter. The blade is centrally located on the table, and with the ability to tilt in both directions, only the most obscure projects will be out the range of possibilities for these models.

Wheelchair Accessible

An important feature often overlooked in saw designs is wheelchair accessibility. The distance between the legs is 27 ½”. If one were to purchase an after-market stand for this purpose, they would be buying a stand with at least one side having a 30” width between the legs.

Customer Reviews

The internet has a shortage of customer reviews on the Hawk BM-20 and BM-26 models; but here are a few notable comments:

  • The lower blade holder had to be replaced
  • The speed control can become erratic, but is fixable by clearing dust off the speed sensor
  • Reliable
  • Worth the price
  • May be at its best value used

Pros vs. Cons

Can cut almost anythingSafety features

45-degree left and right tilt

Quick blade change/top and bottom feed

Large strokes per minute range

Lighter than comparable saws

Thicker cut (2 5/8”)

More expensive than comparable sawsHeavy

Small table size

No dust port

Pinless blades only

If the price is right for you, this is an excellent saw for upgrading your shop and projects. If you’ve been looking to “broaden your horizons” in terms of materials, few saws offer as many features to go along with it. With a significant reduction in vibration, a quieter run and a parts-and-labor warranty that lasts a year, consider the Hawk BM-20 and BM-26 as a new addition to your woodworking shop.

Happy Scrolling!

16-inch 3920 WEN Scroll Saw Review

The WEN 3920, like many of the saws in its class—low-level scroll saw—competes in price and features with most other saws up against it. And yet, no one is selling it. Let’s break down the main features, some strengths and weakness, and see where this “rare” saw stacks up against the competition.

Scroll Saw Reviews has multiple reviews for the 1.2-1.6 Amp 16” class. (See here, or here, or even here.)

The company’s (WEN) website brags, buyers get “full control” over their “designs and creativity.” There are indeed some reviews out there, but none quite so glowing.

In terms of price, this saw falls on the low end of the range which is perfect for beginners and hobbyists.

The 3920 has one of the best price tags in the market. Only the Ryobi 16” challenges the WEN in price. So, in theory, you’re getting a great price for this entry-level saw.

But just how much cut are you getting for your cash?

The saw actually measures up well: with variable speed, a 16” x 10” table, a cast iron build and an air pump all on-board.

The stroke range comes in at 400-1600 strokes per minute. That’s a nice range for a variety of cuts, but some of the more expensive saws in this class demonstrate that 400 is a little low—ranging from 500-1700 instead. It really depends on the types of projects and materials you plan to use. wen scroll saw

Adjusting the speed isn’t too much of a hassle either. The speed knob sits on the front of the saw which keeps your hands and arms out of your sight-lines.

The table has a completely acceptable amount of room for some scrollers. The 16” x 10” space works well for smaller pieces. Some larger cuts may require a larger table. In addition to an open table, the saw gives you 45 degrees of tilt. This is only to the left. Not a bad thing, but the Genesis will give you 15 degrees of right tilt.

The throat depth is on par with in-class saws. The 16” throat depth makes handling and cutting larger pieces easier. In fact, the company website brags that this saw can “easily cut” wood pieces as thick as 1.9 inches. Being able to cut more materials (i.e., thicker woods) means more projects for you!

The stroke is great for entry-level saws at 9/16”. With a better stroke length, cutting is less about force and more about finesse.

And, like most other scroll saws, the blade holder will accept both pinned and pinless blades. The saw comes with an extra blade and the wrench needed to swap them out. Warning: Some owner’s comments mention weak blades.

What about vibrations?

The saw is cast iron, which is as heavy as most saws in its class: 28 lbs. In fact, on average this class weighs almost exactly 28 lbs. There is reduced vibration at this weight, and less movement adds to your precision; but it also just makes the whole job easier.

The cast iron frame has two bolt holes for mounting. A mount always helps reduce vibrations, and more than almost all free-stands.

For getting projects “un-stuck,” the tension release switch sits on top of the saw: easy to reach and operate.

wen scroll saw 2AIR

The saw is fitted with a convenient air pump above the cutting area for clearing away saw dust. Keeping the table clear and a clear line of vision is no small task otherwise!

The air port (1.5”) is situated on the front of the saw, under the table. The port can connect to your shop vacuum to clear out debris and keep your space clean


The saw does include a clamp for keeping your piece secure during cuts. There is also a flexible work light.

Although the saw is not for sale on the company’s website, they do seem to offer a 2-year warranty. And I’m sure somebody is taking advantage of their help hotline. It’s available with the purchase of this saw, too.



  • 400-1600 spm
  • 16” x 10” table
  • Cast Iron for reduced vibration
  • 16” throat depth
  • Fits pinned and pinless blades
  • Air Pump and Dust Port
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Almost impossible to find for sale online
  • Reports of weak blades

Here’s a quick video from WEN, showing how the saw can be used to create a neat little wooden cup.

In the end, the saw seems to be a comparatively good value for its price. It has all the features that new scrollers, looking for an entry-level saw would want to get started and explore the craft. The only downside is that you may not ever get that chance.

Thanks for reading!

See it at Amazon!


Craftsman 16-inch Scroll Saw Review

Scroll saws are a special addition into a woodworkers “arsenal.” They are small, portable and the best at what they do—bevels, tight turns and even fully enclosed cut-outs. But, not every scroll saw is created equal.

If you want to know how the Craftsman 16 in. stacks up against other entry-to-mid level saws, this review will answer those questions, and give some answers as to why other saws may be asking too much for too little. There is a lot of competition for the low-priced scroll saw space. Brands like Ryobi, Dewalt, Delta, Black & Decker, Dremel and Skil are all producing 16 in. saws for beginner woodworkers; and all have some competitive prices.craftsman scroll saw

Prices vary greatly, however the Craftsman 16 inch is available on Amazon at a really great price for its features.

Why the Craftsman?

The Craftsman is feature-packed, making it a great balance between features and price. The saw has the modern parallel-arm assembly, cast-iron table and base, tilt, bellows, variable speed and a dust port. Here is a little break down of its more notable features.

Most scroll saws use a parallelogram-shaped blade assembly. The Craftsman is no different, utilizing the parallel-arm system. This assembly has fewer parts than the parallel-link assembly (which actually reduces vibration even more). Regardless, the shape of the Craftsman system does reduce vibrations fairly well, and makes blade changes simpler.

Of course, the cast-iron table makes your woodworking quieter. Have you ever heard the expression, “mass is everything in a good saw”? Well, it’s not totally off-base. At 38 lbs., the Craftsman is heavy enough to make your woodworking quieter and more stable.

The work table comes with the standard tilting work table. The Craftsman offers 45 degrees of left-tilt. At 45 degrees, the saw can cut through 1 inch of material. Flat, the saw can cut through 2 inches. The only downside is that the saw doesn’t offer right-tilt as well. Think about it—your bevel cuts are twice as hard with only half the tilt. This is a preference every wood worker should consider. If your woodworking requires 45 degrees of tilt—left and right—then this saw may not be right for you.

The arm-driven bellows helps you keep the work space clear of debris. You can direct it almost anywhere as it’s made up of movable links. The saw also includes a dust port if you want to attach your shop vacuum for sawdust removal.

Variable speed scrolls are ideal for a wide range of jobs. Soft or hard woods, some plastics and even some soft metals can be cut. This saw has a stroke-per-minute range from 400 to 1600.  With a changeable blade (standard 5-inch pin and plain-end blades), this saw is more than enough for many materials on many jobs.

Why not the expensive saws?

Ask yourself if you need the “extras” enough to pay twice as much for the saw. Well, if you need what the Craftsman lacks, then maybe paying a little more is best for you. For example, Dewalt’s 20 inch variable speed Scroll has 150 more SPMs, weighs almost 20 pounds more than this saw, has the 45 degrees of left and right tilt, and also has a double parallel-link design which does a lot to decrease noise and vibrations.

The saw also costs twice as much. With only 150 extra strokes-per-minute, the Dewalt only has the right tilt, and some more mass; but the Craftsman will offer reduced vibration if you attach it to your bench. The last question is whether your specific work requires the left and right pitch.

Why not the cheaper saws?

Cheaper models (e.g., Ryobi 16 in. or the Wen 1.2 amp) are lighter. Typically, they have cast-aluminum tables and struggle to reduce vibration and noise. The Craftsman 16 in., on the other hand, has a cast iron table and base taking its weight up to almost 38 lbs. The Ryobi is 8 lbs lighter. Reduced vibration matters. A shaky machine makes shaky cuts!

The cheaper model, interestingly, fails to get down to 400 SPMs by 150 strokes. The differences between strokes-per-minute can make a difference when trying to cut different materials with one saw. But it is up to you to decide about these transient 150 SPMs.

How does the saw compare in terms of price? Here are some similar models for comparison.

DEWALT  20 in. Variable-Speed Scroll Saw
Delta 20 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Genesis 1.2 Amp 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Rockwell 16in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Skil 3335-07 1.2 Amp 16 in Scroll Saw on Amazon.com
Craftsmans 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw on Amazon.com
Ryobi 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw
WEN 1.2 Amp 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Bench Mounting
Adjustable Bellows to clear cut line
Saw Dust Collection Port
Accepts both pin-end and plain-end 5” length blades (variable thicknesses and widths)
Variable Speed Dial

Single parallel-link design
Hardware can sustain damage
Left-tilt only

The Craftsman is a great saw. It does offer more to reduce vibration than the cheaper models; and the expensive saws may offer “too much” for your specific work. Hopefully this review helps you make the right decision for your shop.

Good luck getting started with your woodworking! If this was enough, you can buy from Amazon here. You can also view a comparison table of all the top saws by clicking here.

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Skil 3335-07 Scroll Saw Review

Getting started in woodworking can seem confusing at first. There are hundreds of tools available on the market, and knowing what tool is right for your situation is as important as deciding what your first project will be. For example, should you buy the high-end, the mid-level or the entry-level tool? Scroll saws are a great option for those new to woodworking and interested in a saw that is not too difficult to understand and can be used for many jobs.

If this is true for you, then you might consider the Skil Scroll Saw 3335-07. This saw is a great “introductory” tool for anyone looking for an affordable option with enough features to make learning fun and diverse.

Some Features and Benefits

The saw is excellent for cutting standard shapes or free form objects with unusual shapes. Novice woodworkers have used this saw to cut complex flower arrangements, text in hundreds of fonts, and even pieces that require the most minute of turns—like custom jigsaw puzzles—with all their twists and turns.

The circular work table and LED are perfect for illuminating your work area, making the piece more visible for accuracy. The LED is controlled electronically, so you can switch it on or off depending on your preference.

More key features of this saw to make your first woodworking projects easier are:

  • A dust removal system, built into the saw to keep debris away from your cut lines
  • An electronic variable speed control that makes cutting different materials much easier
  • A 0-45 degree tilting table for increased precision

How Is It Unique?

Most scroll saws available on the market (high-, mid- and low-level) offer similar features. What really makes this saw stand out from the pack is that it offers many of the same features of high-end scroll saws at a discount price. If you are new to woodworking, but want great features, an easy-to-use saw and a budget price, this saw is perfect for you.


How does the saw compare in terms of price? Here are some similar models for comparison.

DEWALT  20 in. Variable-Speed Scroll Saw
Delta 20 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Genesis 1.2 Amp 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Rockwell 16in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Skil 3335-07 1.2 Amp 16 in Scroll Saw on Amazon.com
Ryobi 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw
WEN 1.2 Amp 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

You may wonder why this saw is better for your projects than the cheaper models. First of all, the LED does not come with the cheaper models available on the market. That LED can save a project requiring tight cuts with hard-to-see cut lines. The integrated dust removal system is also a feature that is usually only on the higher-end models. Removing dust from the work table makes projects cleaner. Electronic variable speed control is also important when quick adjustments are needed for single cuts.

The Ugly

The saw isn’t perfect, of course. For instance, excess vibration during operation can cause the LED to become a nuisance, as it won’t light the wood piece steadily. The saw does not come with a stand, but the mounting brackets can reduce vibrations significantly. Some customers have even reported malfunctions in the saw early in its life—electronic malfunctions, typically. The good news is that many Amazon sellers offer 30-day warranties which can protect you from a total loss. Lastly (on the downside), the blade changing process seems to confuse some users. However, in the owner’s manual, it is clear that the upper blade holder and lower blade holder release the blades when unscrewed. (Maybe, we ask too much of our saws?)

To see how these issues stack up against the positives, here is a breakdown of the pros and cons:

A quick list of pros and cons:

Bevel Indicator Alignment
Bench Mounting
Adjustable Blade Guard Foot
Adjustable Dust Blower
LED light
Saw Dust Collection Port
Accepts both pin-end and plain-end 5” length blades (variable thicknesses and widths.
Variable Speed Dial

LED vibrates excessively
Blade Changing is not intuitive
A few cases of malfunction reported
No stand for saw

Only you can decide on whether the benefits outweigh the costs, but hopefully this review sheds some light on the main differences between the competing scroll saws currently available.

Good luck getting started with your woodworking! If this was enough, you can buy from Amazon here.

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16″ Central Machinery Scroll Saw Review

Variable Speed Scroll Saw

If you are looking for a budget scroll saw, the 16” variable speed scroll from Central Machinery is what you should be looking at. Despite its competitively low pricing, it does offer you value for money.

It has a stable base which has the ability to tone down the vibration. It functions with both types of blades, with the help of add-on clamps. This scroll saw comes with a fairly functional blower and a shoe.

Don’t be fooled by the speed surges that you will see in the beginning. This is what you may consider starting trouble, and it easily fades off after a while. A way in which the brand saved on high costs is with the use of stamped steel for the table, as against the cast iron or aluminum that is normally used. This does not change the stability of the model in the least since it has a cast iron base.

Benefits and Features of 16” variable speed scroll

One of the key benefits of the 16” variable speed scroll from Central Machinery is its ability to cut intricate curves and designs fast with precision. This is an ability largely found in higher-end models. You may even use a 5” scroll saw blade to cut designs within a project, by removing and re-inserting this blade in a hole that has already been drilled into the design.

The unit comes with an integrated air bellow or blower that keeps your entire project clean and well maintained. Compared to even higher end models, the efficacy of this blower is much higher. The bench also comes with adequate holes to allow for quick and simple mounting, allowing the machine to be hooked up for use faster.

16” variable speed scroll functions on variable speeds ranging from 400 to 1600 strokes a minute giving you a spectrum of work speeds. It has the ability to cut through wood that is 2” thick, which is more than what other models provide you with. It provides the flexibility of working on bevel cuts as the table tilts 45 degrees left – a feature you don’t see too much in other models.


  • Though it can cut through 2” wood, this may be done only with a 10 TPI blade which is not a part of this set
  • With time the blower tends to lose its ability to function effectively

For Whom Is it For?

This saw is perfect for those who are just starting out and would like to test the waters. It’s easy on the pocket compared to other models with similar features and gives you a good deal of service.


This is a good choice as a starter saw for beginners.  This item is not always in stock since most of starters are aware of the great features this machine offers, you may have to wait until the item is available.


You can view a comparison table of all the top saws by clicking here.

Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw Review

Here is a machine that belies its small size. For woodworking enthusiasts and hobbyists, here is a machine that can saw curves that are quite tight. It also works on paring off and slicing thin pieces of wood.

Proxxon 37088

If you are working on multiple stacks of wood to create fretwork patterns, then this is the machine for you. Marquetry enthusiasts and Intarsia fans are going to love the abilities of this little machine. This is a machine that works really hard and will surprise you by becoming an indispensable part of your workshop.

Benefits and Features of Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw

For all of its abilities, the Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw is a machine that is compactly built and will not take up too much of space in your workshop. This can be a blessing for those of you who function with minimal space to spare.

The quality of blades with this machine is unbeatable and ensures you to have the best cut possible. These cuts are sharp and as fine as it can get. An ability not easily managed by other models. You may cut through soft and hard woods with equal ease. Fiberglass as well as plexi-glass yield easily to this machine. In fact, most non-ferrous metals do.

Interior cuts have to be done with a high level of accuracy and this little machine may be manipulated to get the best out of cut. If you are looking for machine that can handle small and delicate projects, this is the machine for you.

Its head makes way for a 3-position adjustment ensuring you get a good level of flexibility when working. Using the head in the lowest position with the shortest blade gives you the best of precision cuts. Since powering is such that it may work for long hours with no trouble at all.

The machine works silently and efficiently even on high throttle. The blowers are situated on the blade guide ensuring that you have a clean working space throughout. It is also equipped with a vacuum cleaner adapter which is an additional way to keep your workspace clean.

When it comes to light cutting, this is the machine to turn to. In fact, using it with the foot pedal gives you added versatility.


  • It can get difficult to assemble
  • It is not speed heavy and therefore can be used in moderation only
  • Its maximum limit in terms of wood cutting is 2 inches
  • A few number of inner cuts are done with precision, while too many of them may not come out perfectly

More Info – Find this Proxxon 37088 on Amazon

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Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

To put it simply, the Shop Fox W1713 is awesome.

Considering how most of them are in the premium bracket, this particular model is value for money. It comes with an impressive cast iron table and base.

It works with both pinned and plain blades, a feature we don’t normally see in saws in this price bracket.

It comes with a gauge that helps in setting plain blades. This is placed on the upper arm. The fixed dust blower though small, does its job well.

shop fox scroll sawIt also comes equipped with a gooseneck lamp that is very handy. The pin clamps and foot that it comes equipped with are fairly universal to most models. Perfect.

Why do folks love the Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch?

Compared to competing models the finish of this product is much smoother and the paint job is excellent. It provides you with several gadgets normally associated in other high end models.

This makes the unit perfect to invest in even for the furniture-making professional, who will get all that he requires at a reasonable price.

It cuts through a range of woods – soft to hard without too much of an effort. Thick hardwood to pinewood that is at least a quarter inch thick, this scroll saw simply works wonderfully.

Another plus point with this model, especially when compared to others in the same category is that for smaller projects it doesn’t have to be bolted down. It remains steady throughout.

Material Construction:

There is only one plastic element in this entire saw, with all other parts being made of steel, cast iron or aluminum. No other machine in this category can boast of such construction. It is a quiet machine even when working on full throttle.shop fox scroll saw

To get the best out of the saw, it would be ideal to use nothing more than ½ inch wood for cutting. Always check all the fasteners as there is a chance of them turning a bit loose with time. Taking the trouble to readjusting the hardware to suit your style of working will give you the best that this machine has to offer.

Cons of this Scroll Saw

  • The quick change of pinless blades is misleading. The process is a little time consuming until you master it
  • If you are used to powerful machines, you may find this motor slow, even on full mode
  • Some of the table fixtures may come out loose making the table a bit unsteady when you are working
  • The motor tends to overheat and will not start again till completely cool

This saw is great for amateurs and semi-professionals in woodworking. Click here to See Latest Pricing.  If this scroll saw doesn’t work for you, be sure to check other options here.

Click Here to Check out Customer Reviews of the Shop Fox W1713 16 inch on Amazon

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Dremel MS20-01 Scroll Saw – Awesome for the Woodworking Hobbyists

The Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw, more popularity known as the Dremel Moto-Saw is a smart cutting tool, best suited for woodworking hobbyists and crafts-persons.

A simple description of the product would be that it is an electric coping saw that comes with a base. This may be clamped onto your work table or may be stowed away when not in use.

Dremel Scroll Saw

It is also helpful for those who enjoy working on DIY projects. Its most popular feature is the ability to use it as a stationary scroll saw as well as a mobile one. All you need to do is press a button for the conversion to take place.

It is a compact machine and light, making it easily portable. It is great for use in adding to the design structure of your home and for simple woodworking projects.

As a brand, Dremel is the pioneering creator of the high speed rotary tool decades ago; the name evokes a sense of security in terms of quality. It is on this same tradition of excellence that the Moto-saw has been created.

Features of the Dremel Scroll Saw

One of its main features, something other brands cannot boast about, is that it incorporates two saws into one. It is a scroll saw and a mobile coping saw. A simple press of a button helps it transition from one to another. It is equipped with 4 blades that allow for a high level of accuracy in cutting. It may also be used on a variety of materials from timber to laminate to plastic as well as slim metal.

The construction of the saw is slim and ergonomic. It is also lightweight making it portable. Working indoors or outdoors will not be a problem with it. This in fact is one of the highlights considering that most other models in the category cannot offer you such flexibility.

dremel scroll sawIt is also a tool that is easy to use. It has a single attachment which can take on up to 10 Dremel accessories making it a flexible machine to work with. All of the accessories are neatly packed into a case so that you never lose track of them.

Its flexibility also lies in its ability to deal with multiple materials – from composite boards to PVC and acrylic as well as foam and carpet and more. No other machine can help you do so much.


  • The blade tends to vibrate a bit reducing accuracy of cuts
  • It also accepts only a specifically design blade with pins. They have to be 4 inches long with only 3 inches of teeth
  • Attaching the blades can be difficult until you master it

Why you should consider investing in it:

The Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw is perfect for those who like to make things for their own home out of a range of materials. It is ideal for the hobbyist and the DIYer. It is also easy to work irrespective of whether you are an amateur or an experienced woodworker. The flexibility of the machine gives you a chance to take it outdoors or onto site as well, if you happen to be helping a friend with a project.

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16″ RK7315 Rockwell Scroll Saw Review

Shop Series 16-Inch Scroll SawOne of the best things I love about the Rockwell RK7315 Shop Series 16-Inch Scroll Saw is that it is lightweight, making it easy to move around. It offers you varying table bevels from 0 to 45 degrees enabling a flexibility that is not seen in any other models of the same caliber.

The highlight of this machine is its ability to turn its blade head at 90 degrees, giving you slightly more flexibility in cutting. This flexibility is often more than you can get with other such 16” blade saws.

Interesting Features Worth Checking

The variable speed knob and the angle adjustment options make it a product that is best suited for a wide range of woodworkers. The mid-range speeds offered by the machine give you the ability to cut through a range of wood right up to 3/4th inch pine and ½” of birch.

This saw is brilliant for beginners who want to get a feel for woodworking. With the machine set up, and a few instructional videos online, you will be able to make the most of it. The speed control is designed such that it gives you tight inside cuts – not an ability you often see with other scroll saws.

The overall design of the machine is such that it is light. This works well for those who are just beginning and who are not going to work on too intricate detailing and sawing. The changing of blades is simple thereby reducing the complexity that is sometimes part of handling such machines.

A trick to making blade changing at the bottom easier for you is to remove the cover, giving you more space to work with.

To make it easily portable you could bolt it down to a board base which you then clamp down on your work bench, wherever it may be. When you are not using it, it easily settles down on your shelf giving you more working space in your workshop. Such flexibility of use is not something easily found in other models.

For simple woodworking and for those who are just starting out, this is considered one of the best lower-end models of scroll saws. A little care in how you set up and manage the whole machine will make all the difference.


  • The instructions do not mention that cutting anything more than 16” will require the blade to be placed perpendicular to the arm. It however does and this is a detail you have to keep in mind
  • You will find some vibration at 1500 spm
  • Vibration of parts, especially when the machine has been in use for a while is common

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Genesis GSS160 16-Inch Scroll Saw – The Right Scroll Saw for the Beginner

This Genesis scroll saw is among the easiest ones to work with. The foot on this model is designed such that it is more level than most other models in the category. It has a beaded flexible air hose which may be placed anywhere you need it.

Genesis Scroll Saw

The table is of cast aluminum and the construction strong. The machine is made up of stamped steel for many parts. The entire set-up makes for a comfortable scroll saw working station especially if you are regularly going to be working on low speed products. This machine is perfect for 1 to 2 inch wood thickness.

Features of Genesis GSS160 16-Inch Scroll Saw 

One of the primary features sought out in a scroll saw is its tilt mechanism. The one on this Genesis model is far superior in terms of cleanliness compared to other models. The miter-gauge too is very easy to read. Ideal features to have if your workshop is dimly lit or your eye-sight is not 20/20.

genesis scroll sawIt is fitted with a 1.2 AMP Induction Motor which assures a quiet performance. This feature is useful if you have a workshop that is within your home and you are required to tone down the noise levels as you work.

The variable speed on this machine allows you to match the tempo with the thickness and density of your wood. Such flexibility makes work easy and helps with accuracy. It functions on a variable speed of 400-1600 SPM.

While the blower on scroll saws is generally used to keep the work area clean, the blower on Genesis GSS160 16-Inch may be used to keep the cutting point dust-free as well. Not a feature you find in many other models.

A commendable feature in this machine is the ability to use both plain end and pin end blades for your work.

The overall working mechanism of this saw is such that it works with a simple touch of the hand. This is especially good for senior citizens who would prefer not using too much physical strength when working.


  • A table of cast iron instead of aluminium would have been sturdier
  • Vibration tends to be higher with increased speeds
  • Fasteners have a tendency of flying off, increasing the chances of injury

Why Should Consider Investing in It

This is would be the ideal machine to invest in, if you are a beginner woodworker and would like experience in creating projects using lower speeds. Children may also be taught on this machine, but with adult supervision. Though the construction is not high-end, it provides you value-for-money till you are ready to graduate to a higher-end model. It is perfect for senior citizens who may have some trouble working with machines that require a lot of muscle power.

The good part about this scroll saw is that it may be rigged to take on different kinds of materials and density of woods. All you will need to do is invest in blades with varying TPI. The best time to do this is when you are comfortable with the machine and are ready to take it one step forward.

The fact that it comes with a two-year full warranty is also a great way of knowing that should something go wrong, it will be attended to.



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