Skil 3335-07 Scroll Saw Review

Getting started in woodworking can seem confusing at first. There are hundreds of tools available on the market, and knowing what tool is right for your situation is as important as deciding what your first project will be. For example, should you buy the high-end, the mid-level or the entry-level tool? Scroll saws are a great option for those new to woodworking and interested in a saw that is not too difficult to understand and can be used for many jobs.

If this is true for you, then you might consider the Skil Scroll Saw 3335-07. This saw is a great “introductory” tool for anyone looking for an affordable option with enough features to make learning fun and diverse.

Some Features and Benefits

The saw is excellent for cutting standard shapes or free form objects with unusual shapes. Novice woodworkers have used this saw to cut complex flower arrangements, text in hundreds of fonts, and even pieces that require the most minute of turns—like custom jigsaw puzzles—with all their twists and turns.

The circular work table and LED are perfect for illuminating your work area, making the piece more visible for accuracy. The LED is controlled electronically, so you can switch it on or off depending on your preference.

More key features of this saw to make your first woodworking projects easier are:

  • A dust removal system, built into the saw to keep debris away from your cut lines
  • An electronic variable speed control that makes cutting different materials much easier
  • A 0-45 degree tilting table for increased precision

How Is It Unique?

Most scroll saws available on the market (high-, mid- and low-level) offer similar features. What really makes this saw stand out from the pack is that it offers many of the same features of high-end scroll saws at a discount price. If you are new to woodworking, but want great features, an easy-to-use saw and a budget price, this saw is perfect for you.


How does the saw compare in terms of price? Here are some similar models for comparison.

DEWALT  20 in. Variable-Speed Scroll Saw
Delta 20 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Genesis 1.2 Amp 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Rockwell 16in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw
Skil 3335-07 1.2 Amp 16 in Scroll Saw on
Ryobi 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw
WEN 1.2 Amp 16 in. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

You may wonder why this saw is better for your projects than the cheaper models. First of all, the LED does not come with the cheaper models available on the market. That LED can save a project requiring tight cuts with hard-to-see cut lines. The integrated dust removal system is also a feature that is usually only on the higher-end models. Removing dust from the work table makes projects cleaner. Electronic variable speed control is also important when quick adjustments are needed for single cuts.

The Ugly

The saw isn’t perfect, of course. For instance, excess vibration during operation can cause the LED to become a nuisance, as it won’t light the wood piece steadily. The saw does not come with a stand, but the mounting brackets can reduce vibrations significantly. Some customers have even reported malfunctions in the saw early in its life—electronic malfunctions, typically. The good news is that many Amazon sellers offer 30-day warranties which can protect you from a total loss. Lastly (on the downside), the blade changing process seems to confuse some users. However, in the owner’s manual, it is clear that the upper blade holder and lower blade holder release the blades when unscrewed. (Maybe, we ask too much of our saws?)

To see how these issues stack up against the positives, here is a breakdown of the pros and cons:

A quick list of pros and cons:

Bevel Indicator Alignment
Bench Mounting
Adjustable Blade Guard Foot
Adjustable Dust Blower
LED light
Saw Dust Collection Port
Accepts both pin-end and plain-end 5” length blades (variable thicknesses and widths.
Variable Speed Dial

LED vibrates excessively
Blade Changing is not intuitive
A few cases of malfunction reported
No stand for saw

Only you can decide on whether the benefits outweigh the costs, but hopefully this review sheds some light on the main differences between the competing scroll saws currently available.

Good luck getting started with your woodworking! If this was enough, you can buy from Amazon here.

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