A Look Into the Best Scroll Saw Stands For Your Needs

Modern scroll saws are electrically powered and are generally used to cut out detailed shapes in wood.

There are a range of other materials that may be worked upon, depending on the model of saw you use. An integral part of a scroll saw set-up is that of the stand that it is placed on.

Using this has several benefits such as providing strong support directly below the saw to prevent any vibration.

The stand also helps elevate the saw to a comfortable level, giving you better accuracy while working. While it is ideal to use a company provided stand for your saw, you may even consider custom-making a stand for your needs.

Here is a look at some of the popular scroll saw stands that I have found:

1. DEWALT DW7880 Scroll-Saw Stand:

This is a lightweight, all-metal stand with adjustable legs.

 Scroll Saw Stand


  • It’s the perfect stand when you do not have much bench space
  • Its construction makes clean-up easier
  • The bolts in the legs helps you fix it to the ground for a sturdier grip
  • Gives you working space around the front and side of the saw
  • It can be easily assembled


  • At times the horizontal braces between the two legs do not align
  • A number of smaller parts like the nuts and bolts can be overwhelming
  • The adjustable vertical foot on the rear leg may be confusing as to its function


2. Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table:

This stand comes with a butcher block finish and a sturdy design reducing vibration.shop fox stand

Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table


  • Once assembled the stand is very sturdy
  • It takes on heavy loads of up to 500 pounds
  • The metal parts are straight with no rough or pointed edges
  • Ideal for a disc sander
  • May be enhanced with roller wheels to make it mobile
  • Lightweight despite being sturdy
  • Adjustable feet to mould to your working style


  • The butcher top is not real wood, but compressed hardboard with wood grain paper – not too impressive
  • The work top tends to develop cracks quickly
  • Very labour intensive to assemble

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3. Universal Tool Stand Grinder Lathe Mitre Scroll Saw:

This saw comes with complete metal construction and a good fit generally for scroll saws, bench drill presses as well as miter saws.lathe mitre stand

 Universal Stand Scroll Saw


  • The product may be assembled quickly allowing you to get to work fast
  • It comes with rubber feet so as to protect the floor from scratching
  • Great for use with a basic scroll saw or miter saw product


  • The top is not actual wood, but rather compressed wood which is not as strong
  • The overlapping pieces do not fit together snugly
  • A tendency to rock a bit increasing the chances of a large project going haywire

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Choosing the right stand depends a lot on your scroll saw. By balancing between the pros and cons you will be able to select the perfect stand to match with your scroll saw.

You can find these scroll saw stands on Amazon. I love Amazon because they are reliable and provide great customer support. And with them – you avoid the hassle of looking for woodworking stores, finding deals and renting trucks to have the items shipped to your house.

Don’t forget to check out our comparison table of all the top saws.  Size each saw up next to it’s competition and make the best decision.