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Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

To put it simply, the Shop Fox W1713 is awesome.

Considering how most of them are in the premium bracket, this particular model is value for money. It comes with an impressive cast iron table and base.

It works with both pinned and plain blades, a feature we don’t normally see in saws in this price bracket.

It comes with a gauge that helps in setting plain blades. This is placed on the upper arm. The fixed dust blower though small, does its job well.

shop fox scroll sawIt also comes equipped with a gooseneck lamp that is very handy. The pin clamps and foot that it comes equipped with are fairly universal to most models. Perfect.

Why do folks love the Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch?

Compared to competing models the finish of this product is much smoother and the paint job is excellent. It provides you with several gadgets normally associated in other high end models.

This makes the unit perfect to invest in even for the furniture-making professional, who will get all that he requires at a reasonable price.

It cuts through a range of woods – soft to hard without too much of an effort. Thick hardwood to pinewood that is at least a quarter inch thick, this scroll saw simply works wonderfully.

Another plus point with this model, especially when compared to others in the same category is that for smaller projects it doesn’t have to be bolted down. It remains steady throughout.

Material Construction:

There is only one plastic element in this entire saw, with all other parts being made of steel, cast iron or aluminum. No other machine in this category can boast of such construction. It is a quiet machine even when working on full fox scroll saw

To get the best out of the saw, it would be ideal to use nothing more than ½ inch wood for cutting. Always check all the fasteners as there is a chance of them turning a bit loose with time. Taking the trouble to readjusting the hardware to suit your style of working will give you the best that this machine has to offer.

Cons of this Scroll Saw

  • The quick change of pinless blades is misleading. The process is a little time consuming until you master it
  • If you are used to powerful machines, you may find this motor slow, even on full mode
  • Some of the table fixtures may come out loose making the table a bit unsteady when you are working
  • The motor tends to overheat and will not start again till completely cool

This saw is great for amateurs and semi-professionals in woodworking. Click here to See Latest Pricing.  If this scroll saw doesn’t work for you, be sure to check other options here.

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The Ultimate Guide for the Best Scroll Saws

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Here you will find all sorts of information about scroll saws, the best saws available online and the advantages and disadvantages to each one. This website is not here to sell you, but to assist you in making the best decision for yourself. We’ve compiled honest reviews of the best scroll saws available in the market, in order to help ensure your money goes well spent.

How to Pick the Best Scroll Saw

Choosing the right scroll saw can be a difficult task considering the number of brands and models of scroll saws that are available in the market today. However, we’ve listed 3 important points you should consider when purchasing your scroll saw: Valuing Your Needs Begin by analyzing the kind of woodwork you will be doing. Simple cut-outs do not require a machine with too many features; even a lower quality saw can do the job. On the other hand, if you are looking at doing some intricate woodwork, then the right set of features will make a world of difference to your finished product. It’s also worth noting that if your woodwork is more craft-inclined, then a mid-range model would be ideal. For professional, intricate work, a high-end model with multiple features will be the right choice. In all cases, it is important that you choose the best saw you can afford. The Speed and Features The speed of the machine is also something to consider. Speeds are of three variations – slow, medium and high range. Your choice will depend on the materials that you will be using the saw on. Based on the kind of work with the scroll saw, you will also have to look at the various controls each machine offers. The components of each model, the drive options and even the types of blades offered are all equally important in your arriving at the ideal model for your work. The Flexibility The flexibility a machine offers you, and the method of dust disposal incorporated into it, are also necessary considerations when making your final decision. Feel free to use the table below, to compare the top saws available. If you need more detailed info, just click on the ‘Our Review’ link for whichever saw you like.

Top Scroll Saws

Here is a detailed list of the features and benefits of the industry leading and best-selling scroll saws.
Scroll SawsThroat DepthDimensionsCustomer ReviewsPriceOur Full ReviewBuy on Amazon
Dewalt DW788 1.3 Amp
20 inches29.5 x 19.5 x 12.1 inchesClick Here$$$$Our Review
Delta 40-694
20 inches30 x 20 x 13 inchesClick Here$$$$Our Review
Central Machinery 16" Variable Speed
16 inches16 x 10 inchesClick Here$Our Review
Dremel MS20-01
10 inches18.5 x 14.5 x 4.8 inchesClick Here$Our Review
Proxxon 37088
12 inches13.3 x 8.6 x 5 inchesClick Here$$Our Review
Proxxon 37090 DSH/E
16 inches24 x 15 x 13.3 inchesClick Here$$$Our Review
Rockwell RK7315
16 inches26 x 16 x 26 inchesClick Here$$Our Review
Shop Fox W1713
16 inches26.4 x 15.9 x 12.8 inchesClick Here$$Our Review
Hegner 18" Variable Speed
18 inchesn/aClick Here$$$$$Our Review
General International Excalibur
16 inches31.5 x 17 x 19.2 inchesClick Here$$$$Our Review

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1. DEWALT DW788 20 Inch – Suitable for Hobby-based Cutting

  • This machine is a beast. There are many reasons why it is the best-selling scroll saw on Amazon. It continues to receive positive feedback. Check our honest review.

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2. Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch – A Fan Favorite

  • Lower-end and lightweight model. Budget-friendly and perfectly suited for amateurs and semi-professionals in woodworking. Check the reviews here.

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3. Delta 40-694 20-Inch Scroll Saw

  • Powerful tool ideally suited for those interested in working on antique restoration, architectural models, designs and toy creation. Read our review here.

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Most Popular Scroll Saw Brands

We’re aware that not every visitor is an expert in the woodworking industry. Therefore, we’ve written a few articles about the best high-quality brands out there, such as:

We Leave You With This… Once you understand your style of work and your expectations from a machine, you will be able to narrow down the features you’ll need. There are several great models in the market, each of which is designed to function in a specific way. The features, blades and accessories available with each model will vary. Use this site as a guide, but don’t just take our word for it. Figure out your skill level, and what type of projects you’ll be completing and that’ll lead you to the perfect saw for your individual needs. Everyone is different. Once you do make a purchase, it is important that you know how to handle every aspect of the machine. Only then will you be able to get the most out of it.  Look into every aspect, use our recommendations, and get an idea of what’s out there. We’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you. We hope to help you make the best decision. Good luck, and let us know how else we can assist you!

16-inch 3920 WEN Scroll Saw Review

The WEN 3920, like many of the saws in its class—low-level scroll saw—competes in price and features with most other saws up against it. And yet, no one is selling it. Let’s break down the main features, some strengths and weakness, and see where this “rare” saw stacks up against the competition.

Scroll Saw Reviews has multiple reviews for the 1.2-1.6 Amp 16” class. (See here, or here, or even here.)

The company’s (WEN) website brags, buyers get “full control” over their “designs and creativity.” There are indeed some reviews out there, but none quite so glowing.

In terms of price, this saw falls on the low end of the range which is perfect for beginners and hobbyists.

The 3920 has one of the best price tags in the market. Only the Ryobi 16” challenges the WEN in price. So, in theory, you’re getting a great price for this entry-level saw.

But just how much cut are you getting for your cash?

The saw actually measures up well: with variable speed, a 16” x 10” table, a cast iron build and an air pump all on-board.

The stroke range comes in at 400-1600 strokes per minute. That’s a nice range for a variety of cuts, but some of the more expensive saws in this class demonstrate that 400 is a little low—ranging from 500-1700 instead. It really depends on the types of projects and materials you plan to use. wen scroll saw

Adjusting the speed isn’t too much of a hassle either. The speed knob sits on the front of the saw which keeps your hands and arms out of your sight-lines.

The table has a completely acceptable amount of room for some scrollers. The 16” x 10” space works well for smaller pieces. Some larger cuts may require a larger table. In addition to an open table, the saw gives you 45 degrees of tilt. This is only to the left. Not a bad thing, but the Genesis will give you 15 degrees of right tilt.

The throat depth is on par with in-class saws. The 16” throat depth makes handling and cutting larger pieces easier. In fact, the company website brags that this saw can “easily cut” wood pieces as thick as 1.9 inches. Being able to cut more materials (i.e., thicker woods) means more projects for you!

The stroke is great for entry-level saws at 9/16”. With a better stroke length, cutting is less about force and more about finesse.

And, like most other scroll saws, the blade holder will accept both pinned and pinless blades. The saw comes with an extra blade and the wrench needed to swap them out. Warning: Some owner’s comments mention weak blades.

What about vibrations?

The saw is cast iron, which is as heavy as most saws in its class: 28 lbs. In fact, on average this class weighs almost exactly 28 lbs. There is reduced vibration at this weight, and less movement adds to your precision; but it also just makes the whole job easier.

The cast iron frame has two bolt holes for mounting. A mount always helps reduce vibrations, and more than almost all free-stands.

For getting projects “un-stuck,” the tension release switch sits on top of the saw: easy to reach and operate.

wen scroll saw 2AIR

The saw is fitted with a convenient air pump above the cutting area for clearing away saw dust. Keeping the table clear and a clear line of vision is no small task otherwise!

The air port (1.5”) is situated on the front of the saw, under the table. The port can connect to your shop vacuum to clear out debris and keep your space clean


The saw does include a clamp for keeping your piece secure during cuts. There is also a flexible work light.

Although the saw is not for sale on the company’s website, they do seem to offer a 2-year warranty. And I’m sure somebody is taking advantage of their help hotline. It’s available with the purchase of this saw, too.



  • 400-1600 spm
  • 16” x 10” table
  • Cast Iron for reduced vibration
  • 16” throat depth
  • Fits pinned and pinless blades
  • Air Pump and Dust Port
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • Almost impossible to find for sale online
  • Reports of weak blades

Here’s a quick video from WEN, showing how the saw can be used to create a neat little wooden cup.

In the end, the saw seems to be a comparatively good value for its price. It has all the features that new scrollers, looking for an entry-level saw would want to get started and explore the craft. The only downside is that you may not ever get that chance.

Thanks for reading!

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