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18-inch Hegner Scroll Saw Review

For those familiar with scroll saws, the Hegner name is instantly associated with quality. This particular Hegner model is a sturdy piece of equipment made of cast iron.

It comes with standard motor speeds and vibration is never an issue. For use on higher speeds, simply make sure it’s fixed in place on on a sturdy table.

With a long 18″ throat, the Hegner gives you much more depth compared to other models. Also worth noting, the blade tension is super easy to adjust with a simple turn of the knob at the back of the arm (black knob sticking up in the photo).

You can also purchase and attach a Hegner Sawdust Management System, which can be used to either blow the sawdust off your cutting line or suck it up like a vacuum into a dust collection accessory. This allows you to keep your line clear, making for a neat work area. The cast iron mainframe makes for a very solid piece of equipment with the ideal strength for quality cuts every single time.

Features – Pros and Cons


  • The Hegner Scroll Saw is fitted with an electronic variable speed induction motor enabling accurate speed changes to give you a good finish to the product. Such levels of accuracy are difficult to expect from lower quality machines because the speed ranges usually aren’t as broad. The Hegner gives you access to speeds between 400-1400 SPM (strokes per minute).
  • The stand is sold separately, which gives you the option to just mount it on your current worktable. This saves you space in your workshop, which is ideal if you don’t have much to spare. Also saves you money if you don’t want to buy the stand in addition.
  • The 18″ throat allows you to cut larger pieces of wood, which would prove difficult with say, a 16-incher. Doesn’t seem like a huge difference, but just think of it this way – an 18″ saw can cut to the center of a 36″ woodpiece. A 16″ only 32.
  • Blade clamps are placed on the bottom end of the blade making interchanging and replacement easy. Mounting the blade on the clamp can be easily done, as there is a small cavity that fits the clamp in snugly. All you have to do is hold the blade where you need it and tighten the holder with the easy-to-use tool provided.
  • This machine is equipped with a Double Quicklock Tensioning System. This gives you the ability to make multiple inner cuts on a project. This is a tough task, one often failed with lesser machines. You may easily mount the upper blade end for this job.
  • Regardless of the wood type you are working with – hard or soft, thick or thin; the quality of cutting provided by this machine is unbeatable compared to others of the same caliber. In fact it evens works beautifully on Madagascar Rosewood which is remarkably dense.


  • It is an expensive investment and one you should consider only if you are going to make extensive use of it.
  • If the tension is not adjusted accurately there may be some rattling.

Why You Should Consider Investing in it

The Hegner 18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw is an excellent choice if you are looking to upgrade your existing machinery. It comes at a premium price, but the features it provides are industry-leading. The quality of the components and the accuracy of its functioning remain at the top of it’s class. Hundreds of experts continue to label Hegner it as the industry standard brand.

Carole, any experienced scroller, talks about her experience using the Hegner 18″ in the video below. She has some great insights. She also has some other cool videos and she blogs over at if you want to check her out.

Where Can You Buy It?

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